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Public Conference

Papers of the Public Conference, held in Brussels, now available

The Power Point presentations of the Organic Inputs conference, held October 13, 2005, are now available.

Schmid, Otto:
» Welcome to the Public Conference „Evaluating inputs for organic farming – a new system“

Speiser, Bernhard:
» Why change the existing input evaluation system, and how?

Trapmann, Marc:
» A new system to evaluate Organic Inputs in EU. How does if affect the grower ?

Blake, Francis
» A new transparent evaluation process.

Micheloni, Cristina
» New criteria for inputs.

Stopes, Christopher:
» Putting the Criteria into Practice. A Description of the Criteria & Evaluation Matrix

Koopmans, Chris
» Case study: Hydrolysed proteins.

Kromp, Bernhard
» Case study: Spinosad.

“Evaluating inputs for organic farming – a new system”

A public conference of the Organic Inputs Project was held on October 13, 2005 in Brussels.

At the conference, the consortium of the Organic Inputs Evaluation project presented the conclusions its work, seeking feedback from interested stakeholders. Conference participants were feeding into the last stage of the project, as the final recommendations to the European Commission are drawn.

» Conference Invitation and Programme (.pdf)

Proposals discussed during the conference:

  • Proposed Criteria for Evaluation of Plant Protection Products, Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners Used in Organic Agriculture’, edited by Bernhard Speiser » Download PDF-file
  • ‘Proposed Criteria Matrix’ » Download XLS-file
  • ‘Case study: Hydrolyzed Animal Proteins’ » Download XLS-file
  • ‘Case study: Spinosad’ » Download XLS-file
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